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Héloïse Haupt (Your Host), Self Love, Pleasure and Orgasm Coach

A behind the scenes look into what coaching with me is really like ...

Guest: Rebecca (one of my past clients)

I am terrified! What does it look like to work with a sex coach?

In this intimate interview Héloïse speaks with one of her past clients and they dive into all the juicy details about what this work is really about. If you have ever been on the fence and not sure if this type of coaching is for you, this interview is a game changer! It is an honest behind the scenes look at what happens behind closed doors!

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Raewyn Guerrero, The Gutsy Executive Coach

The art of trusting your gut feelings

Not sure why you are struggling to trust your gut? Do you feel burnt out, depleted and not sure what to do?

During this interview Raewyn shares a wealth of information about how you can start to take back your power when it comes to your health and overall well being. She shares the common mistakes that people make and how you can go from depleted to thriving! If you get your body right, the mind will follow.

Free Gift: https://gutsyexecutivecoach.com/download-pathway/

Miss Nicole Brooke, Creator of Find Your Sexy® Movement

How to find your sexy!

If you are divorced, navigating divorce or life thereafter this interview is for you!

During this interview Chantelle shares the most important themes and topics that women struggle with in divorce. As well as how to navigate "blended family life" and why vulnerability is key. She shares parts of her own own journey and the biggest lesson she has learned.

Free Gift: https://www.missnicolebrooke.com/freebie

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Clare Garner, International Speaker, Mindset and Motivational Badass

Abundance: Healing the shame and harnessing the energetics of money!

If there is one topic that this shrouded in more secrecy and mystery than sex, it has to be money!

In this interview Clare shares with us how we can heal our money story so that we can embrace a prosperous mindset that will allow us to attract more abundance and money in our lives.

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Rhysa Sisco, Life and Business Empowerment Mentor

Unlocking the intimacy within you

Do you feel stressed? Are you struggling to create deep connections with yourself and others?

In this interview with Rhysa we look at how you can regulate your nervous system so that you can unlock your next level of success, freedom and happiness.

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Marissa Lawton, Divine Feminine Wisdom Keeper

How to awaken your sacred seductress!

Have you being shamed for being a tease or a flirt? Are you afraid of your seductive energy?

In this interview Marissa shares how you can connect with and activate the seductress archetype and how you can heal the shame and stigma that surrounds this energy.

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Heather Dumas, Healthy Lifestyle Strategist

Self-care without sacrifice!

Are you the last item on a never ending to-do list?

In this interview with Heather we discuss how self-care impacts our lives from our libidos to feeling sexy as we age and what we can do to take care of ourselves throughout the process.

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A 90 minute Unfuck your Sex Life Intensive

By Héloïse Haupt

A 30 min 1:1 session to heal your money wounds

By Clare Garner

A 60 page Ebook with all the feminine archetypes

By Marissa Lawton

A 30 minute 1:1 consult call

By Rhysa Sisco

A 30 minute 1:1 consult call

By Raewyn Guerrero

As a bonus 3 people will win the following:

90 minute Intensive with a personalised manifestation visualisation

By Miss Nicole Brooke

The winner(s) will be announced on the 23rd of November!

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